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Through months Pandora Beads decided to change the limited edition moniker to special editions

Le 21 mars 2014, 09:38 dans Humeurs 0

2013 has been a record breaking year for Pandora Beads releasing limited edition beads, most of which were only available in the us. I’ve already covered a number of these charms in their own dedicated Pandora Murano Glass Beads uk but there are a few that came out over the past few months that i have yet to discuss.

The year started with the Pandora Beads dangles (red and purple), Easter Eggs, Royal Orange, Aurora bangle set, Mette Saabye Elderflowers jewelry, and midway through months Pandora Beads decided to change the limited edition moniker to special editions. As special editions, Pandora Beads released the summer Stones, Stories of You (faceted Aurora), and the end of the year brought a slew of single beads releases including the Daydream Blossom, Sunrise Blossom, Daydream Tassel, Lime Green/Purple Dillo, Green/Purple Dillo, Red/Purple Dillo, Glowing Pansy. There were also a couple exclusives that were offered on an extremely Pandora Christmas Charms uk basis called Pandora Beads At the Pandora Beads (aka Pandora Beads Heaven).

The last two months have seen more than half of these limited editions released and the focus of this recap is to highlight these special beads. The Daydream Blossom was a US Trunk Show exclusive sold during the holiday trunk shows, with each store having different dates. The Daydream Tassel was a perfect companion to the Daydream Blossom and originally was only given to Pandora Beads concept and kiosks but these stores did not buy as many as expected so they were also offered to regular Pandora Beads dealers. I’ve featured these previously and I’m still surprised that i like them as much as I do because of the eclectic colors and patterns.

The Pandora Beads was another surprise release and the last official Pandora Dangle Charms uk with promotional materials provided. This bead was a US Concept Store and kiosk exclusive for $31, and I don’t believe other retailers were able to get these. The glass features coral flowers towards the surface with a stripy coral core, a happy color and design. I couldn’t resist and purchased 2 of the Sunrise Blossoms as well as a few other orangey uniques for this combination which also features my special vertical butterfly.

It is refreshing to see Pandora Beads coming out with a thematic release

Le 21 mars 2014, 09:32 dans Humeurs 0

It has been a couple years since Pandora Beads created mixed media charms but for this collection, there are 3 new dangles. Dromedary is a silver camel set atop a pink glitter sphere, very similar to the Pink Desert, and the shape reminds me of the Palm Island. The Pandora both hang by hoops on the back of the silvers, something that I haven’t seen before from the brand. Drops of Delight Pandora CZ Beads uk a clear quartz faceted stone and reminds me of the Light of Eärendil from Lord of the Rings. The Ruby Falcon highlights the original precious ruby gemstone, although the stock photos make it seem more purple/amethyst, and pair perfectly with the new silver Falcon.

The silver charms from this collection are dominated by animals with a couple patterned designs. Again, the animals are mostly ones that can be found in the desert or I suppose the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon. I’m most intrigued with the Babylonian Nymph which looks like a gyrating stylized woman but it’s still difficult to tell even with a closeup photo. The Snake is also high on my list, and I love the serpentine twist tied look.

Lastly, the lock has finally been revealed to be named the cheap pandora charms uk and another part of the release that has been eagerly awaited. It’s a heavily textured piece with the large end of the clasp being the sun with corresponding rays flaring from the circle. The other end then shows the outline of the moon and a slight profile of the man in the moon can be seen in the stock photo. The two new duo-tone leather colors are brown & beige and blue & grey, very functional shades for wear all year round.

It’s refreshing to see Pandora Beads coming out with a thematic release rather than sticking to strictly inspirations from the season. I’m enthralled with almost all the pieces from this collection, especially the Pandora Crystal Charms uk, Moss Agate, Babylonian Nymph, Snake, Dromedary, Drops of Delight, Ruby Falcon, and the Pandora Beads. It’s always incredibly exciting to see what’s next from Pandora Beads and I certainly am not disappointed! What’s jumped onto your wish list? Anything you’re dying to get?